Providing Quality Service in Uncertain Times

Oct 27, 2021

Providing Quality Service in Uncertain Times Image

When is the last time you spoke with your packaging vendor?


We don’t have to tell you how hard the pandemic has been on businesses. When sales and supply came to a standstill last year, companies began cutting back in all areas, including customer relations. As most vendors took a step back from communicating with their customers, many companies were left feeling forgotten and abandoned in their darkest hour. 

During this time of great uncertainty, Colonial Packaging doubled down on building relationships with our partners by providing quality service and giving peace of mind when times got tough. 

Rather than treat our customers like a dollar sign, we connected with them by listening to their unique perspectives and situations within the pandemic, visiting as many folks that would allow it, and dedicating our resources to bring a sense of normalcy by providing “business as usual” despite the hurdles we were all experiencing.


Providing Dedicated Support Teams to Every Account


At Colonial Packaging, you’re more than just another purchase order for our business, which is why we provide each account with a dedicated support team to assist with all needs, big or small.

You can count on your designated direct sales and customer service representatives to deliver fast response times, timely order updates, and live conversations with actual human beings who understand the importance of your requests.


At Colonial Packaging, our word is our livelihood.


At the core of our operations is a mission to give our customers accurate, useful information the instant they have a request. This rapid turn-around has become our customers’ service expectation, as opposed to a one-time “atta boy” for our representatives.

If there’s one positive thing we gained from the pandemic, it’s the confidence that we can adapt to any climate your industry endures—or, as in this case, the world.

Have you been feeling abandoned by your packaging vendors—even before the pandemic? Start building your relationship with the dedicated team here at Colonial Packaging today!


Let Us Be Your Packaging Solution



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